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Want a more dynamic health organization? With Digital Books ERP software, you can manage expanding caseloads, monitor delivery of care, and track client, patient, and program outcomes. You can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your patients and clients demand.

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Patient relationship management provides interdisciplinary teams with a 360° view of a patient while collaborating easily in real time. Health professionals can communicate with one another and with patients via integrated communication tools, such as IM, email, video conferencing, and social networks. It facilitates efficient, patient-centered coordination of care, claims, and research, and it provides more ways to interact with patients.

Case management and coordination solutions allow you to share information across systems and organizations, helping to ensure consistent, up-to-date information. Configure the solution to address your agency's investigative, regulatory, security, legal, and health care-related needs and to extend the value of existing systems. Work more efficiently using a familiar interface, and collect data in the field with the devices you use every day.

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