Public Sector

Want a more Dynamic Government? With Digital Books ERP, you can provide services to citizens faster and more cost-effectively. You can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your constituents demand.

Digital Books ERP helps government organizations at all levels, including:

  • Government administration
  • Public services
  • Public safety and justice
  • Defense
  • Health and human services

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Increased visibility, internal controls, and reporting tools can help you stay a step ahead of compliance and administrative requirements cost-effectively.

  • Tax and revenue
  • Document and records management
  • Citizen service
  • Human resources
  • Financial management (video)
  • Asset and fleet management
  • Public Records Tracker solution

Help empower workers through innovative solutions and programs that can enable efficiency, drive citizen engagement, and create sustainable economic and social opportunity for citizens.

  • Case management
  • Citizen services center
  • Constituent management
  • Economic development
  • Grants Manager solution
  • Permitting and licensing (video)
  • Tourism (video)
  • Call centers and contact management

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