Agro/Dairy Farms

Digital books ERP is a complete resource-planning multi-user software suitable for managing multiple farms. It is helps in input management, HR management, production, financial and marketing management of any farm. It is most advanced and comprehensive farm management solution suiting to small, medium to large sized farms.

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The Agri Market has a number of micro sectors, requiring some common and some specific features in an IT Solution with functional emphasis on the agricultural commodity area, feed, crop protection, flour, animal supplements, seed production and seed certification. These characteristics are not emphasized in other supply chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products unlike, Digital books ERP.

The key for all businesses in the Agri Market is in greater efficiency of administration, better control over costs and maximum exploitation of potential customer markets, whilst at all times being able to monitor live and control risks in the business. The place for advanced IT solutions which can provide fast and accurate, up-to-date information and communication to customers and suppliers is of paramount and increasing importance in pursuit of these goals.

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