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Being the backbone of global supply chains as a logistics service provider, your business thrives on effective information systems that integrate and support complex processes in real-time. Efficient movement of goods across the supply chain at competitive rates needs innovation at two planes – process and technology. With integrated technology solution Digital books ERP software Transportation Management Solution, you can gain access to world-class processes, eliminate major infrastructure investment, improve agility in reacting to a dynamic marketplace, share risks with a strategic partner and reduce operating costs. What is more, a flexible and innovative solution that understands your business is sure to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure greater ROI.

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With years of experience in addressing several challenges faced by leading players in the logistics sector across the globe, Digital books ERP is well-positioned to provide technologically-advanced and innovative solutions built on emerging technologies.

Digital books ERP software’s Shipping & Transportation Management Solution is an end-to-end solution with rich features and best-in-class functionality that enables you to effectively meet shipping requirements, manage multiple processes and reports required for your business activities, and in general keep your business on watch – always. Despite keeping your business running round the clock, the solution also promises the flexibility needed to swiftly adapt to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs.

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