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Managing entire business process using Digital Books ERP’s easy to use administration tools. Virtually every daily process can be distributed throughout the organisation workforce with a control and security. The best part? No tedious training is required.

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Controlled Access using Role Based Security

Forms, Entry, and process based muti level security engine provides ultimate security. To highlight some like users can be restricted to quantity, cost and value based information throughout the system.

Audit Control

Audit control feature makes system very efficient to control and manage every master data, and document processed. Monitor, verify, and audit. Additions or changes automatically appears for auditing.

Data Integrity Controls Controls

Every Data Entry Form has system mandatory fields. Custom mandatory fields, default values, pre-defined drop-down data lists can be provided have maximum control and accurancy in the processed data on each form.


Digital Books ERP can be configured to have n number of routing and process stages to every document process. Distribute the document processes to every process level to gather maximum information.

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